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Locally Owned Concrete Cutting Contractor in Eugene, OR

Pioneer Concrete Cutting Inc of Eugene, OR offers concrete cutting, coring. The bulk of the work we do is in Lane County, but we do also travel throughout the state and provide saw-cutting services for a wide variety of contractors.

Our diamond abrasive equipment is used in a wide variety of applications. These might include providing services for:

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Excavating Contractors
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Fire Sprinkler Contractors
  • Home Builders
  • Home Owners
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Security Contractors
  • Utility Contractors

Some Uses Include:

  • Air Vents
  • Bike Paths
  • Cable
  • Conduits
  • Control Joints
  • Core Drilling Electric or Hydraulic up to 27”
  • Dryer Vents
  • Electrical
  • Early Entry Control Joints
  • Flat Cutting
  • Flood Vents
  • Fiber Optics
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Gas or Steam
  • Green Sawing
  • Hydraulic Saw Cutting
  • Pipe Routing
  • Plumbing
  • Ring Sawing
  • Satellite Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Sewer Taps
  • Slab Sawing
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Storm & Sewer Drains
  • Telephone
  • Utilities
  • Wall Sawing
  • Weep Holes
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